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“I have been using Biotics for the past few years and have seen incredible results with my clients. This guide offers the best possible reference when you really need to find the best pathway of supplementation. I keep it by my side in all of my functional testing.” – Daniele Della Valle, Bio + Well Nutrition




“The Quick Reference Guide is a MUST for anyone using Biotics supplements. The protocols are comprehensive for helping our clients to heal. It is my go to when needing guidance and suggestions.” – Sherri McHenry, Nourish Restore Thrive




“The Quick Reference Guide is a huge asset to my nutritional therapy practice! It's filled with so much relevant, reliable, easy to navigate information, and saves me so much time! It's seriously the most used reference book I own.” – Aypril Porter, Living Matters Nutrition



"Many times in a busy practice you end up defaulting to using similar strategies with every client even though each person is different.  The Quick Reference Guide is a great tool for expanding the possibilities.  I can search for symptoms, LNT or muscle test supplements I wouldn't have otherwise thought of, and even connect seemingly unrelated symptoms with a common deficiency or toxicity.  It is an essential tool for any practice!"
Brian Hoyer,  Melting Pot Nutrition




“While I know a good many of the Biotics products by heart, sometimes it's necessary to dig a little deeper. This guide helps me do just that so I can always find the exact right supplement or protocol for my clients every single time.” – Ute Mitchell, Real Food 4 Me