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More Than Just A Bunch Of Numbers, Making Sense Of Blood Chemistry Results

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The guidelines or patterns described in More Than Just A Bunch Of Numbers, Making Sense Of Blood Chemistry Results (9th Revision, January 2017), published and copyrighted by Balancing Body Chemistry w/Nutrition LLC, is a 190 page plus manual covering the SMAC, CBC w/Differential, several hormones, the complete thyroid panel, serum protein electrophoresis and other serum tests common used.  The guidelines described in the manual are the result of information gathered between 1980 and the present on over 10,000 people using what was known as the Biochemical Biopsy, a blood test that used electrophoretic methods, colorimetric studies, atomic absorption spectroscopy and standard hematological studies.  This information was integrated into information developed from physical exam, urinalysis and other diagnostic procedures by the 500 plus licensed health care providers who participated in the study.  The result of this information resulted in the 1st metabolic or optimum ranges for serum values originally published in 1994.  This was the 1st study that published metabolic or optimum ranges where a significant patient population was used and the information which has been updated through the years remains the standard others have copied.