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Clinical Insights on Structure & Nutrition

Clinical Insights on Structure & Nutrition

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"Dan Duffy was a chiropractic physician who produced consistent and measurable results in his patients for a wide variety of health conditions by way of their neurophysiology and biochemistry. 

Much of the reason Dr. Duffy was an exemplary physician is that he chewed on, digested, and incorporated into his being the seminal and visionary works of Royal Lee, DDS, Henry Harrower, MD, Weston Price, DDS, Francis Pottenger, MD, George Goodheart, DC, and many others. 

You will find their ideas throughout Dr. Duffy's writing that has built on the framework of Royal Lee's Therapeutic Food Manual. He has added to all of this with his many years of very diligent study, fervent practice, and critical observation. You have in your hand a powerful tool. If you, too, are passionate about seeing your patients heal, you will return to this manual until it becomes an old, entrusted, and dog-eared friend. 

For this second edition, my dear friend and mentor, Harry Eidenier, and I have gone through this manual from beginning to end - line by line. We have updated the diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations and discussions of physiology to meet current understanding while staying true, in style and content, to Dr. Duffy’s work and writing. 

May it serve you and your patients well."